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Lot 1


Through Supreme Decree No. 030-2021, published on 12.27.2021, PETROPERÚ signed the Temporary License Contract for the Exploitation of Lot I, for a period of 22 months, focused exclusively on maintaining the production of hydrocarbons. The lot is located between the districts of La Brea and Pariñas in the province of Talara.
PETROPERÚ has been executing production activities that allow maintaining optimal and sustained production of oil and natural gas in Lot I; reaching, so far in the first half of 2022, average production flows of the order of 504 BOPD (barrels of oil per day) and 3,409 MPCD (million cubic feet of natural gas per day).

This efficient performance reaffirms PETROPERÚ's capabilities in handling the operation and management of an oil field, in this specific case, a Lot in the Peruvian Northwest. Along these lines, it is important to note that, to date, there have been 263 days of operations in Block I without accidents, an indicator that confirms Petroperú's capabilities and evidences the implementation of the best standards of hydrocarbon activity.

During the first half of 2022, an average of 208 wells are operated, which have accumulated a production of 90.6 MBls of controlled oil and 608,302 MMBTU (Millions of British Thermal Units) of natural gas, and which have generated accumulated revenues of M$8,776.4 and ThCh$2,153.3, respectively.
PETROPERÚ transfers its oil production through pipelines to the Talara Refinery and the natural gas is sold to the ENEL company for electricity generation.