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Strategic Objectives

PETROPERÚ´s 2016-2020 Annual and Five-Year Objectives approved by its Board (Board Agreement N° 003-2016-PP) and by the Ministry of Energy and Mines (Ministry Resolution N° 003-MEM/DM) are the following:

  • To modernize PETROPERÚ in all of its dimensions and prepare itself for the public tender offer of its shares.
  • To secure the execution and implementation of the Talara Refinery Modernization Project (PMRT) on time and within budget, and integrate the refining sector of PETROPERÚ.
  • To optimize the commercial and logistics operations in the value chain of fuels.
  • To prepare the organization to maximize the value of the company through vertical integration, in order to establish sustainability as well as value creation in the sector.
  • To maintain the standards of the good international practices and excellence to reduce the social and environmental impact of the operations of PETROPERÚ.