Strategic Objectives

The Annual and Five-Year Objectives 2023-2027 of PETROPERÚ were approved by the Board of Directors (Board Agreement No. 019-2023-PP) and by the Ministry of Energy and Mines (Ministerial Resolution No. 125-2023-MINEM/DM). The Objectives consider measures to ensure the supply of our products, operate safely and efficiently, minimizing the environmental impact of our activities and establishing harmonious relationships with the communities surrounding our Operations.

  • Strategic Objective No. 1: Supply the market in an efficient, timely and profitable manner
  • Strategic Objective No. 2: Operate safely, efficiently and protecting the environment
  • Strategic Objective No. 3: Financial Sustainability of PETROPERÚ
  • Strategic Objective No. 4: Ensure the Sustainability of Operations, promoting the Energy Transition
  • Strategic Objective No. 5: Vertical integration of PETROPERÚ
  • Strategic Objective No. 6: Strengthen Corporate Governance and Human Talent Management