Database of Qualified Suppliers (BDPC)

To the general public:

  1. It is communicated that through Board Agreement No. 039-2021-PP dated 04.08.2021, the new Text of the Contracting Regulations of PETROPERÚ was approved, which is published on the institution's website and will enter into force on 06.28.2021.

  2. Likewise, suppliers interested in participating in PETROPERÚ's contracting processes are reminded that they must be registered in the Qualified Suppliers Database (BPDC) with the status of "REGISTERED". For this purpose, suppliers will be classified according to segments defined in the BDPC, and evaluated through a differentiated system of criteria, scales and ratings. Registration in the BDPC begins by accessing the link.

    Notwithstanding, to request the registration requirements in the BDPC, suppliers can contact Achilles Perú SAC by email: siclar.peru@achilles.com, or by calling (511) 640-0651, (511) 719-8422, (511) 641-9366.

  3. On the other hand, it is reported that all PETROPERÚ suppliers must comply with the Policy for the Prevention of Money Laundering and Financing of Terrorism, Corruption Crimes and Anti-Bribery Management; as well as with the PETROPERÚ Integrity System. The texts of these documents are published in the following links:
  4. For information purposes, a Glossary of Frequently Asked Questions about the PETROPERÚ BDPC is made available to suppliers.

Frequently asked questions

Is it mandatory to register?

All suppliers who wish to participate in PETROPERÚ's procedures must be registered and have the status of registered in the Qualified Suppliers Database (BDPC), as indicated in the PETROPERÚ Contracting Regulations approved by Agreement No. 039 -2021-PP dated 04.08.2021 (effective from June 28, 2021).

How much do I have to pay to enroll?

The amount to pay depends on your last annual billing and the number of codes you want to incorporate. The latest tariff is detailed:

Prior Fiscal Year Billing (USD) Free codes Net tariff IGV Tariff inc. IGV
$ 0 - 250,000 Up to 2 PEN S/ 1,200 PEN S/ 216 PEN S/ 1,416
$ 250,000 - 1'000,000 Up to 5 PEN S/ 1,450 PEN S/ 261 PEN S/ 1,711
$ 1'000,000 - 5'000,000 Up to 8 PEN S/ 1,800 PEN S/ 324 PEN S/ 2,124
$5'000,000 - 20'000,000 Up to 10 PEN S/ 2,200 PEN S/ 396 PEN S/ 2,596
$20'000,000 or more Up to 15 PEN S/ 2,800 PEN S/ 504 PEN S/ 3,304

Additional codes, tariff inc. IGV PEN S/ 23.60 each

Why is it necessary to pay an annual registration fee?

The annual fee covers Achilles operating expenses to review, validate, update and manage the information of the documents provided by the suppliers on the platform. Achilles is a validating company and a neutral third party between PETROPERÚ and the suppliers.

How long will it take to send me the information to enroll in the BDPC, after payment has been made?

Achilles has a maximum period of one (1) business day to send the information, after receiving the voucher for the subscription. This company will send an email to the provider with the accesses and steps to follow.

How long does the registration process take?

The term will depend on the time it takes the supplier to answer the questions and upload the documentation requested in the questionnaire.

As support, Achilles executives will contact suppliers to help them complete the process.

Does the registry enable me to participate in all of PETROPERÚ's procurement or contracting processes?

No. Having completed the registration and obtained the status of REGISTERED, allows suppliers to participate only in the procedures of PETROPERÚ, which consider any of the codes in which it was registered. Otherwise, the supplier's proposal will be considered as not accepted.

Can the provider change their codes?

Yes, the supplier has two options in this case: i) In the field of products and services of the questionnaire, the supplier can modify an existing code in which he must prove the respective experience, or ii) Add an additional code, making the payment of the fee for extra code proving the experience in the same way.

How many experiences must providers accredit at the least?

It is an ESSENTIAL requirement to load at least one (1) contract for each product or service in which the supplier requests its registration. Otherwise, registration will be denied.

Likewise, in order to obtain the complete qualification in the “COMMERCIAL” category, the supplier must accredit the experience indicated in the Qualification matrix. Bearing in mind that the contracts are not older than 5 years from the date of uploading the document.

In the same way, Achilles will verify that the codes loaded with products and services are within the economic activities highlighted in its RUC File.

Can consortia register?

No, for these cases the companies that comprise it must be registered. Each one must carry out their registration process independently.

In the case of branch companies, the registration of this will be valid for the participation of the Parent company.

Can the provider make changes to the questionnaire responses?

Yes, the provider can make the changes it deems pertinent in its profile, taking into account that these will have to go through a validation process and be published again. Achilles will have a period of no more than two (2) business days for the validation of the questionnaire and if there are observations, they will be sent by email to the supplier for their collection.

Is a certificate of registration issued?

Yes, once the enrollment process is complete and the provider obtains REGISTERED status, they will be awarded a certificate issued by Achilles. The certificate contains the Petroperú logo, the codes uploaded for products and services, basic information about the company, qualification obtained and relevant dates.

How long does the provider have to register with the BDPC?

The registration period that the provider has to register is one year after the payment has been credited, which is made by sending the respective voucher to Achilles.

How long would the certificate issued by the BDPC be valid?

Once the registration by the provider has been completed and the REGISTERED status has been obtained, the validity of the Certificate of Registration in the BDPC will be a maximum of one year of credited payment. Therefore, it is the provider's responsibility to complete your enrollment in the shortest time possible.

Example: Provider A makes the payment on January 1, 2020, and completes its registration on January 15, 2020, obtaining the status of registered. Your BDPC Certificate will be valid from January 15, 2020 to January 1, 2021.

What is the difference between registration for processes Not Subject to Regulation (NSR) and processes Subject to Regulation (SR)?

  1. 1. For Not Subject to Regulation (NSR): there is no cost per registration and they must complete the basic questionnaire sent by ACHILLES. The provider that opts for this registry will only be able to participate in processes Not Subject to the Regulation.
  2. 2. For Processes Subject to Regulation (SR): The cost per registration will depend on the Annual billing (see table in question 2) and you must complete the extended questionnaire sent by ACHILLES. The provider that opts for this registration may participate in both the NSR processes and the processes Subject to the Regulation.

Where can I view the processes called by PETROPERÚ?

The processes called can be viewed at the following link:

And for the search of summoned processes, download of bases and schedules:

NOTE:All E.I.R.L companies, Natural Persons, Communities, NGOs, non-profit companies, state companies and anyone who registers for the NSR processes (1UIT

However, they are subject to the corresponding evaluation for registration purposes. For additional inquiries about the service, send the following email: reg_bdpc@petroperu.com.