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Lot 192


Through Supreme Decree No. 009-2022-EM published in the official newspaper El Peruano on 07.25.2022, the signing of the License Contract for the Exploitation of Hydrocarbons of Lot 192 between Perupetro S.A. and to PETROPERU.

To date, the procedures and respective approvals for the signing of the License Contract by PETROPERÚ have been managed, as well as the incorporation, to the License Contract, of the operating partner selected in an international process.

The Project contemplates rehabilitating the installations and production facilities, in the shortest time possible, and restarting oil production after more than 2 years of the Lot being stopped.
Due to the time elapsed and events produced by third parties, the rehabilitation of the field will not only require greater investments but also greater effort and time.

It is estimated that after a year of pre-operational work, oil production could be restarted in the different oil fields of the lot; it is estimated to gradually reach about 10,000 barrels of controlled oil per day.
The Project considers the drilling of development and exploratory wells throughout the term of the License Contract, which is 30 years.

The production will be transported from the northern jungle by the North Branch of the North Peruvian Pipeline to PETROPERÚ's Bayóvar Terminal on the Peruvian coast.