Lot I: the beginning

Lot I —located between the La Brea and Pariñas districts of the province of Talara (Piura)— is operated by Petroperú under a Temporary License Contract for a period of 22 months, established in Supreme Decree No. 030-2021.

It has an optimal and sustained oil production of 502 barrels per day (BPD) and 3.4 million cubic feet of natural gas (MMPCD).

The oil production is transported to the New Talara Refinery, which -since February 2023- has been producing low-sulfur gasoline and diesel for national consumption, as part of its gradual and progressive start-up process. The gas is sold to the company Enel Generación Piura S.A., for electricity generation.

In addition to being the milestone that marks the return of Petroperú to the upstream, Lot I is proof that the company complies with the contractual commitment to maintain the production of oil and natural gas, with good relations with the social environment and without generating events that could affect the environment.