Petroperú reports a new attack against the North Peruvian Pipeline in Amazonas

Intentional cut to the pipeline was recorded at kilometer 399 in Amazonas, close to the area of the other attacks.
Petroperú reports a new attack against the North Peruvian Pipeline in Amazonas

Today in the morning, a new attack was reported against the North Peruvian Pipeline (ONP) at kilometer 399+861 of Section II, located in the Imaza district, Bagua province, in the Amazonas region. This emergency, which is the consequence of an intentional cut to the pipe carried out by third parties, has been registered near the place of the other attacks that this infrastructure has been receiving.

Petroperú immediately activated its Contingency Plan and as a first action it mobilized the operations personnel to the area with containment materials and equipment. The workers quickly placed a bolted clip, managing to contain the hydrocarbon leak. In addition, containment barriers have been placed to prevent the expansion of crude oil in the places surrounding the impact.

Likewise, the valve located at kilometer 406 of Section II was closed. It should be noted that this section has been paralyzed since 06.07.2022, due to the stoppage of pumping due to contingencies that occurred in Section I.

Complaints have been filed with the respective authorities, such as the Peruvian National Police, the Bagua Specialized Environmental Prosecutor's Office, and the Condorcanqui Provincial Criminal Prosecutor's Office. Likewise, the Supervisory Agency for Investment in Energy and Mining - Osinergmin and the Environmental Assessment and Enforcement Agency - OEFA, among others, were informed.

The company reiterates the call to stop these attacks that not only impact the environment but also the communities and their surroundings. Likewise, it requests speed from the authorities in the investigation processes to find those responsible for these criminal acts that attempt against this Critical National Asset, which must be protected to guarantee a safe and sustained operation of the transportation of hydrocarbons.