PETROPERÚ makes clarifications on journalistic report
PETROPERÚ makes clarifications on journalistic report

PETROPERÚ makes the following clarifications on the recent report issued by the Panorama journalistic program:

  1. Regarding the inaccurate information presented in the aforementioned report related to the B100 biodiesel contracts, we reiterate that we have been collaborating with the entities in charge of the preliminary investigation, in the case of the first process with the Public Ministry, the Comptroller's Office and the Attorney General's Office. In the case of the new award process that ended on January 11, the information requested by the Comptroller is being provided as part of its review actions.
  2. PETROPERÚ will comply with the recommendations and/or corrective actions resulting from the investigations, in strict compliance with the current legal framework.
  3. Regarding the declaration of no confidence for Mrs. Zenaida Calderón Anticona, we specify that it is a non-delegable power of the Board of Directors, in accordance with the Company's Bylaws.
  4. PETROPERÚ reaffirms its commitment to transparency and continuous improvement, in order to fulfill its mission of supplying fuel to every corner of the country and obtain better results as the first national company.